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Come Dance in 5778

Come Dance in 5778

Dear Friends and Family,

One afternoon in early June, we each put on our adventure hats, got in the car, and headed south from Boulder through the San Luis Valley. Night set in, and we bedded down in an uncultivated field filled with wild sage and spiky desert plants. In the morning we made food, sage bundles, and a dash for the border. Our journey took us to Santa Fe for a few days, and then we entered the lesser-known territories of alien-ridden Roswell, New Mexico and West Texas.

We parked the car at the Chabad House in San Antonio, which is more of a a gated compound than a house. After Friday morning prayers, with the blessing of the rabbi, we headed to the bus station in downtown San Antonio, stopped in the bakery around the corner to load up on bread and pastries, and boarded a bus to Monterrey, Mexico.

One of the conversations that came up on our journey was about engagement rings, and we are both of the opinion that diamond engagement rings are silly. They are a human rights problem, and everyone who has one has fallen prey to one of the best advertising campaigns in history. Admittedly, it was a great ad campaign.

A diamond is forever, just like our love!

Yeah, that’s nice.

You know what’s really forever?


Anyhow. It was a good thing we had been forewarned about Mexican weddings, because everything we’d heard was true of the one we went to: they start late, they go all night, and if they don’t serve breakfast then it wasn’t a real Mexican wedding. We were well-napped and well-prepared, and boy do they know how to party over there. DJ, packed dance floor, multi-course meal, flowing libations, confetti, balloons all kinds of gag chazerai, the works. At 4 am on Sunday, just before the chilaquiles came out, we went out on the terrace. I (Yael) pointed out that I was wearing a foam strawberry hat, which was important because we met in the strawberry fields of Monterey, California. Bryan took the hat, tore off a piece, ripped a hole in it, put it on my finger, and asked me to marry him.

And I said ... YES.


We asked an eight-year-old how you know if you’re engaged, and she looked at us like we were from another planet. Then she said, “It’s if you’re planning to get married.”

So it’s official. We are engaged.

We’re planning for March 25, 2018 in Boulder, Colorado. Come for the weekend! We’re getting married about five days before Passover, so if you need to clean your home please plan on doing so the week before.

Over the next six months, we will delve into some thematic explorations around weddings. We’re going to talk about food, religion, art, and societal assumptions. We’ll ask some good questions, make you think, push some buttons, and hopefully tease some laughs out of you too.

Musings will go out via email in 18 instalments and be posted online at www.balabusteh.com/wedding-tour .

Shanah Tovah! May your year be blessed with as much joy, abundance, good food, and LOVE as ours. We look forward to seeing you in Colorado on March 25th.

Bryan & Yael