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Empowered Homemaking

Empowered Homemaking

This is a funny moment in my life to start a blog about home. I am blessed with many things right now, and one of them is the opportunity to be itinerant. “Impostor!” you may cry. And maybe you’d be right. But then, as much as it is the wrong time for this project, this is also the perfect time.

I don’t mean that in the self-improvement-entrepreneur-blogger sense of “Just do it now! There is never a right time! If not now when?? Done is better than perfect!” Experiencing this reality of having no roots is pushing me into all kinds of interesting thoughts and mind frames. (Who am I really? Who is any one of us? To what extent is identity tied up in a sense of place? Am I defined by my furniture? My kitchen? My neighbours and my neighbourhood? The way I spell those words? Who are we underneath all of our attachments?) And because we humans tend to fantasize about the things we don’t have, I’m thinking more than ever about the concept of home.

In a society in which the home is grossly undervalued, this is a space to counter the norm. It is a space for valuing the home above most else, an ode to home itself. A series of reflections on what home is, what it represents, how it has changed and continues to change. Creating a vision for what might be. An imagination of the home as the newly-rebuilt seat of power in our nations. A third temple of sorts. A dwelling place for ardent, fiery, pointed feminine expression.

this is a space ... for valuing home above most else.

Because of its content and its context, this space will lend itself to a lot of conversations about the role of women in our world. I am not an academic, nor do I pretend to be one. I will share things the way I see them, and I will probably say something (several things) at some point (at several points) that you disagree with. I will not justify them with academic arguments. Breathe.

It bears mentioning that my concept of home is very strongly influenced by my Jewish heritage, both religiously and culturally. Hence the title. It will come up, probably often. Again, I will say things that you don’t agree with. Again, please breathe.

Ultimately, this is a journey. Of self-discovery, of rediscovery, of new discovery. Of what it means to navigate this world. I can’t say that I really have expectations for what this will become or how it will — or won’t — influence. Not that I don’t have an agenda. Of course I do. But I release expectations. I’ve been empowered by the courage of others and their willingness to share, and I hope that my choice to share can pay that empowerment forward.

Finally, a nota bene for those who are wondering why "Balabusteh:"

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